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Morgan Hopp: Fiber Artist

Morgan J. Hopp is a rising third-year medical student at Creighton University School of Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona and has earned bachelors in biochemistry and masters in biochemistry, molecular and structural biology from University of California, Los Angeles. Her current field of most interest is geriatric trauma surgery. She continues to contribute to the body of work needed for geriatric surgery verification at Valleywise Health Hospital. Beyond research, Student Doctor Hopp is an active member of Association of Women Surgeons serving on multiple committees and an active student member of the Arizona Medical Association. Outside of medicine, Hopp crochets, is in book clubs and loves being an aunt and big cousin.

Hopp on crocheting: "I started crocheting as part of a school service project at 8 years old and I’ve been crocheting off and on since then. In medical school, I’ve found that crocheting gives me a good mental reset during long days. Even just 20 mins of crocheting is enough to have a refreshed approach to the remainder of my to-do list. By making projects for friends or family I don’t see often because of training, I feel less disconnected from them. At this point, I can manage about 2 baby blankets a year or one full blanket a year. I’m also using my crocheting to help my developing surgical skills. I’m a left handed aspiring surgeon. In efforts to increase my fine motor skills with my right hand, I am teaching myself to crochet right handed. It’s a major work in progress."

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