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I am a surgical oncologist in Boston and specialize in breast and endocrine surgery. I have been very lucky throughout my years as a surgeon to meet other fascinating surgeons. I am always amazed by the sometimes "hidden" talents that surgeons have outside the operating room. While surgery is generally thought of as very scientific and technical,there is a certain creativity required to practice surgery. Many of us find inventive ways to express this creativity outside of the operating room when we are "scrubbed out". This website highlights some of the amazing talents of my fellow surgeons that often take a backseat to our day job.  We do this job so that people can enjoy the art and beauty of life. It is important to celebrate our own artistic pursuits beyond medicine and surgery.

If you are a creative surgeon (trainees included!) please email Scrubbed Out to be featured! Email with:

1) A brief bio of your creative talent and why you do it

2) Several pictures of your work or links to your work (if music, video, writing, etc)

3) A profile picture (does not need to be a professional headshot)


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