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Jennifer Rosen: Fiber Artist

I am the Regional Chief of Endocrine Surgery at MedStar Georgetown University and Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. I operate on patients with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal tumors. I have been married for 25 years and have three teenage sons. I am very involved nationally with my specialty’s organizations and travel a good bit for those roles. Many of my friends are surgeon moms in leadership positions and we enjoy spending that time together growing both academically and personally.

Before medical school, I loved to run marathons, travel and bake. It took a long time for me to come back to my hobbies, but I started knitting November 9th 2016 and have blossomed in my love for the fiber arts and adjacent crafts. I started going to fiber arts festivals, seeding my garden with dyer’s plants and travelling with artistic educational intent. Learning new techniques helps elevate me and connects me viscerally to the world around me. My fiber interests started with spinning yarn, needle or shuttle tatting, knitting, crochet, weaving, rug hooking, embroidery and cross stitching.

At night, I am just as happy curling up with books to grow a deeper knowledge of the qualities of fiber from different animals to specific dying techniques and tools. Whether I am in the operating room, sewing up humans, or learning Hapsburg lace nupp making on long-staple single strand yarn spun in an Italian mill open since 1206 A.C.E. or contemplating a trip to the lace-making centers in Brussels, I know that I have a lifetime of learning. I feel connected to the generations before me, and look forward to passing on that love to those yet to come.

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