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Brittany Rourke: Cross Stitcher

I was diagnosed ADHD at 4 and like most kids I was full of weird skills and talents but nothing ever stuck because I would get bored and move on. Eventually I fit in somewhere FINALLY! Assisting some of the best Neuro and Spine Surgeons of our time is amazing I’ve always loved watching suturing specifically Dr. Winnograd (plastic surgeon) when he would do his flaps. He would make nothing into something beautiful with tissue and threads. Working during Covid made my OCD and Anxiety rage. I could not sit still or quiet my mind. With the help of Dr. Joshi and the Bressler Center at MGH I found out at the age of 32 that not only did I have ADHD but that I was Autistic. I knew I needed an outlet to improve my mental health. Finally it was my turn to turn nothing but fabric and threads into something beautiful as I turned to cross stitching.

By my third piece my mom became sick again. As I was sitting with her doing my sewing and she looked over at me and said that she had never seen me sit still and at peace before. She died in April of 2022 but I think she knew at the beginning that I had a gift and I like to think that I sew a piece of her into every one of my works.

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