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Scott Lundy: Photographer

Scott Lundy is a Urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Outside of the OR he is a talented photographer.

Scott: "I first fell in love with photography at age 15, when I received my first film camera. As with most photographers, my first 10,000 photos were my worst. I first focused on landscape photography and then switched to underwater photography as I learned to dive and became a

diving instructor. During medical graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle, I would spend my free time exploring the depths of Puget Sound or traveling around the world for assignments or just for fun. As I transitioned to urology residency and reproductive urology fellowship in Cleveland, my diving excursions became less frequent, and I turned to newborn and portrait photography as a creative outlet. More recently, I have begun to explore portrait photography in the operating room and microphotography.

My love of photography is rooted in the delicate balance between technique and art. Just as in surgery, there are rules that must not be broken… until they must be broken. Similarly, there is a simplistic beauty in a well-composed photo without distractions or extraneous distractions, just like watching a master surgeon completing an operation without a single wasted movement.

As I grow in my surgical journey, I find that I also grow in parallel with my photography journey. Both fundamentally at their core are simply a skillset and mindset to enable any number of outcomes, and when I grow weary of one type of photograph (or one operation), I eagerly anticipate learning a new one to supplement those I am already familiar with."

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