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Mark Jackowitz: Painter and Photographer

Since childhood, I have been the person in the family interested in capturing the images of family and events. All I wanted for a high school graduation gift from my Dad’s (and my) boss was a Konica 35 mm camera. The early frustration of waiting for photos to develop kept me from pursuing this as a viable form of expression and art for me.

Fortunately, my life profession as an ophthalmologist has given me the opportunity to work with the eye, the most amazing optical system created and has allowed me to give others the opportunity to have the best use of their vision. And for art, I tried many stained-glass classes as a way of expressing images and ideas. I soon became limited by the difficulty of finding just the right piece of glass to define my rendition of a given subject in a project. Also the bleeding fingertips from pressing glass to the grinder became a problem while trying to operate.

And then came digital photography. All at once, I felt able to capture an image and highlight a portion or area of a photo that had a special meaning to me. Initially, I was resistant to adjusting any settings. I thought the value was to simply have an instantaneous way of capturing and reviewing images. I was awakened when speaking with a graphic designer to approach this type of photography as representing the image I feel that I am seeing. This way of thinking has allowed me to share with you how I think I see the world.

And now, painting has arrived in this last couple years. I realized, why wait for the sun to be in the right position? I can draw the image where I want the details to be best seen!

The blessing of Cape Ann photography and painting as a part-time Rockport resident is the treasure of material I am able to show you. I am obsessed with sunrises and reflections, as I think they show the hope for each day. Each day and season present to me a different angle, color, or breeze to change the subject I had viewed the prior day. I try to create an image that pulls you in to a scene, a story, and a place for contemplation. I hope your eye is drawn to the different portions of each image as you explore your interpretation of what you are able to see.

Some of my photos are also on sale in Rockport exclusively at One Dock Square.

It is my pleasure to use these form of art to help share the beauty of our world.

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