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Klea Agollari: Artist

I was born in Albania and moved to Naples, FL when I was one. I grew up with an affinity towards art, it was always my favorite class in school. I have three younger siblings, so art also became a bonding experience for us. I would frequently host 'art nights' which my siblings loved and now that we are older, I truly cherish those memories.

My favorite medium to work with is chalk pastels which constitutes the majority of my pieces. I like how hands on chalk pastel is, having to blend with fingers and various tools. I also enjoy watercolor, acrylic and pottery. My favorite thing about art is being able to completely zone in on what I'm doing. It's an opportunity for me to unwind and not have to think about anything else at the moment. The satisfaction is like no other when I finally finish a piece that took hours. Being able to transform a blank canvas into something that is a reflection of me.

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