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Sophiya Sinha: Artist

Hi! I am Dr. Sophiya. I am a Medicine graduate from India, currently preparing for my Post graduate entrance exam. My life's goal is to work to the best of my abilities, and then some. While you may often find me muttering about it, I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything else in this world.

I found painting as my creative and emotional outlet back in 2018, where a simple collection of colours allowed me to divulge deeper into my emotions and provided me the medium to better express myself. I may not be the best at words, so I let my paintings speak for myself. My genre of paintings is called Conceptual art; usually my creative process encompasses jotting down ideas when I encounter or conjure them, followed by amalgamating them into a single big picture to convey a larger message; using objective things as symbolisms to convey something subjective.

I use the eagle-layered-with-gamma wave icon (Gamma wave from Electroencephalograms) as my symbol, because I love the laser sharp focus hours that the activity of painting bestows me. I love my mind being consumed with an idea to the extent that I lose my sense of time or sleep or hunger. For a moment I am the madman and my madness flows onto the canvas. That gives me the clarity and the strength to deal with reality and the world a little better. It gives me the ability to create, to birth something the world has never seen before. That in itself feels like a superpower. So I have now taken it upon myself to try to colour the science of medicine with art.    

To explain one of my paintings titled "Its time I reject everyone's languido e rubato"- various terms and what they represent: I have used Corona mortis to represent Surgery, zebras-among-horses to represent Internal medicine, sensory homunculus to represent my sense of self, my heart rate represented in music sheet form in tachycardia, and the word "lam" that incidentally means both fight and flight. I used these terms from medicine to represent my internal struggle where I often find myself flummoxed by the choice of the Stethoscope or Scalpel. I jokingly call it my "Sophie's choice". Lets see what time tips my way.

But meanwhile, at every step of the way, I am sure my love for both medicine and art shall remain blooming. 

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Parag Godhani
Parag Godhani

Proud of you little mozart🤗

Her painting are like Mozart playing the keys 🎹 himself

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love makes the soul of genius 😊😘

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